Miko, a 1 years old orangutan, was confiscated from Kerang Bengkirai village near Sebangau National Park by Mr. Nandang from Natural Resources Conservation Agency. Apparently the Natural Resources Conservation Agency has received an information that there was community who kept an orangutan. When the confiscated was held, the owner was not there, so they take the orangutan to the Natural Resources Conservation Agency office in Palangka raya. Then they contacted and asked BOS Foundation to took Miko due to he is very small and seemed dehydrated and he also get an injured in the hand and fingers. Little Miko was taken by paramedics names Miko, so that's why he was namely Miko. First time arrived, Miko was placed in the small group.

On the last week of June 2010, Miko suffered from diarrhea and since he didn't want to get enough drink, Miko he also suffered from dehidration. At night, he got restless for no special reason, probably due to his health condition. He refused to drink, eat, and he cried a lot. Miko hushed after a babysitter hugged and carried him in her arms. Because he cried a lot, Miko's eyes were swollen and he was having trouble with his vision. This made him even more restless on the night after.

After he recovered, Miko started to show some confidence at the Forest School. He loves to play with his peer, whereas before he preferred to be left alone playing, minding his own thing. Miko still spends some time alone once in a while.

Miko's unique habit is siesta. He really loves to take a nap, up to 3 times a day, which can last up to 2 hours in total. Miko is a very laid back individual, really.

Background Story Miko
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