From dispair to hope; thats the journey of this young male orangutan confiscated by the East Kalimantan Conservation and Natural Resources Authority from a resident in Balikpapan in 2010. One year old at that time, this young orangutan arrived at the BOS Foundation Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Samboja Lestari on 17 October 2010.

Despite running at full capacity at the time, the facility at Samboja Lestari immediately took him in as he was in a critical condition and needed urgent care. With slim chances of recovery, the orangutan was so weak that he could not even sit up and barely ate. But he turned out to be a fighter and with the dedicated work of our veterinarian team, proper medical care and a healthy diet, over time his condition improved. Inspired by his will to survive, he we named him Hope.

Hope is now learning at the Forest School to improve his ability to survive in the wild. He is a quick learner and is one of the best students at the school. He is very skillful in climbing trees and building nests and at times when he is feeling less energetic Hope simply refurbishes his friends’ old nest by adding fresh leaves. He is a friendly orangutan and has many friends but his closest friends are his night-time enclosure mates: Kenji, Josta and Angeli.

Hope’s favourite food is fruit and he especially loves it when the technicians bring him fruit to eat. It is heartening to note that Hope has a great appetite and is in good overall health. What an amazing recovery Hope!