Henrik, a 1.5 years old orangutan, was rescued from a forest near a plantation and land-cleared area. He was thought to be abandoned by his mother or be left behind. Henrik was found by a couple of boar hunters on the skirt of a forest in Kasongan area. At the time, he was nearly being bitten by their hunting dogs, but rescued and taken care of.

First time arrived, Henrik was placed in the Small Group. However due to his playful nature and tendency to pick on others in the group, Henrik was then removed to the Big Group, along with other orangutans more closely similar to his ability and behaviour.

In the Big Group, Henrik was quick to adapt. He was very active to climb trees and play with his friends at Forest school 1 in the nursery group. Henrik's progress during in the Big Group (For Babies) has been very good. He now weighs 7.65 kilograms.

Everytime Henrik has to leave for school or to go home, he always does it by holding hands with Bejo, Lima, Chili and other friends.

Henrik was just starting to learn and build nests. He uses them as temporary hammock from time to time.

Henrik's favourite diet is the tip of Ehang leaves and its sweet fruits.

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