Tragically, so many of the orangutans that come into the centre are babies. Many have seen their mothers killed, they have been chained up and treated terribly until they are rescued from the illegal pet trade. The tiniest new arrivals at the centre are looked after in the nursery, where a dedicated team of babysitters provides them with 24-hour care, love and reassurance. Some of the little orangutans are only a few months old, and the nursery is a great place to learn how to climb, play with friends and be an orangutan.

Dodo is a young orangutan baby, who was handed over by the centre for the Protection of Natural Resources (BKSDA) to the orangutan rehabilitation centre Wanariset ? Samboja, managed by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF). At the moment Dodo is together with other young orangutans, in the baby group.

When it is not raining, Dodo and other young orangutans are brought on Island 1 in Samboja Lestari. Island 1 is an artificial, man-made island with natural vegetation, additional enrichment and climbing facilities like ropes and nets. It is a perfect place for the babies to play under the supervision of babysitters and to learn how to climb. Young orangutans of this age get milk to drink and some bananas, but rarely other fruits like very sweet oranges and mandarines, because they can't digest too much fruit acid. They get used to other fruits like mango and pineapple step by step.

Dodo likes it most to climb on a net, which is made out of old car tires and is very stable and flexible at the same time. Being the youngest orangutan of the baby group at the moment, he often plays by himself and doesn?t dare to play with much older orangutans, who are much better at climbing and much stronger than he is. Dodo can?t cope with older orangutans, but his climbing skills are improving from day to day..

Things have really looked up for Dodo. He has started making a few friends. Our Dodo is now well on his way to getting the help he needs to regain the good life he deserves - wild and free in the forest.

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