While the BOSF-Nyaru Menteng were busy preparing the fifth orangutan release in Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest, three days before D-Days (February 9), Nyaru Menteng received an information from Harnudi and Diher, residents of Tumbang Jalemu village, sub-district Manuhing, Gunung Mas Regency who wanted to send an orangutan they found in their village.

BOSF-NM immediately coordinated with Central Kalimantan Natural Resource Authorithy to rescue the orangutan.

In the early morning of February 14th, on the first release day, a small team consisted of BOSF-NM and Central Kalimantan Natural Resource Authority (BKSDA Kalteng) crew members departed to Tumbang Jalemu.

After four hour travel by car, the team members Nandang (BKSDA Kalteng), Barlian Purnama Putra (NM Vet), Hermansyah (NM Communication dan Education staff), and Sudaya (NM driver) arrived at Tumbang Jalemu. Harnudi and several other residents of the village directly brought the team to the location of the baby orangutan.

According to Harnudi, the orangutan was found by his in-law brother by an area which used to be a luch forest and fully populated by orangutans. Since a land clearing conducted by an oil palm plantation, the forest has been devastated.

When found, the young orangutan was motherless, screaming and shivering. The baby was then brought home by the founder.

At the founder's place, the orangutan was placed on a jacket and an old towel wrapped as a blanket. Barlian Putra immediately conducted an initial health check. It was found that she was a female, aged around 3-5 months old, skinny with clean and long hair.

Meanwhile Nandang from BKSDA as the representative of the government made the official report of orangutan handover from the community to the government. Once the admistration process was completed, Nandang and Hermansyah delivered socialisation on orangutan and other wildlife protection.

Arrived in Nyaru Menteng, the young orangutan who was then named "Cinta" by the Indonesian ex-president, Megawati Soekarnoputri, underwent further health examination.

The results showed that Cinta was five months old, weighed 2 kg with dark red hair and dry skin. She was immediately sent to the quarantine to start the rehabilitation and reintroduction process which will eventually give her the chance to live in her natural habitat in the forest.

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