On May 20, 2010, female orangutan named Nanga gave birth to her son, Ben, in Nyaru Menteng. Ben weighed 1.2 kg.

Being a first-time mother, Nanga was confused about what to do with her baby. It was later discovered that she could not breastfeed him properly. The next morning, Ben’s weight dropped to merely 8 ounces and he was dehydrated. The medical team tried to express Nanga’s milk to give to Ben in a bottle. But Ben always choked on it, resulting in shortness of breath. Since then, Ben had to be put on intravenous fluids. Thanks to the care and dedication of Nyaru Menteng veterinarians and paramedics who treated him, Ben made it through these critical times and has grown into an adorable baby boy.

Ben is currently in the nursery group (baby group), which consists of orangutans under the age of 3 years old. Initially, Ben was quite shy and liked to be alone. But through his friendship with Wigly, Ben has now become more confident and willing to social¬ize with other friends. Wigly also taught Ben to climb trees, although he still does not have the cour¬age to climb too high (<5 m). Wigly and Ben have remained firm friends ever since.

Recently though, Ben lost his appetite and refused to eat and drink almost anything. As a result, Ben became weak and dehydrated. He was taken to the clinic for more intensive treatment and after several days, we are delighted to report that he has fully recovered and rejoined the Forest School! And most importantly, he is a very happy young orangutan!